What We Do


in a bid to reduce the massive emission of carbon, manage the risks and logistics, Sandon Capital Investors sources a variety of feedstock materials, plants or algae material together with animal waste in production of biofuel. We process these biomasses in our own facilities to produce low CO2 emitting biofuels. Our facilities around the world help prepare get our products to the end customers.

For years now, Sandon Capital Investors has been an active member of the environmental markets. We have actively participated in a lot of projects which are connected to the backbone of unions policy to combat climate change and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our establishments all over the globe are further improving the conversion of solar energy into a constant source of power supply to further conserve and save energy.

Our ability to comfortably blend and store logs enables us to take full use of arbitrages that arise from the significant price differentials existing between and within various countries.

Established since the early 2000s, we've comfortably situated ourselves as one of the gurus of crude oil mining and refining. With a wealth of experience in the field, we control a sounding amount of crudes and refined oil globally which has kept us in the competition for years.